Frequently Asked Questions


  • NewTack can function as a recruiting agent, to find candidates who are hired directly by our customers. Additionally, NewTack can provide temporary staff to our customers who may need extra people for an internship or special project. Some of our customers prefer a trial period before making a direct employment offer. In these cases, NewTack will hire the selected candidate, place them at the customer site for the trial period, then transition them to the customer’s staff without any additional fees.
  • NewTack is happy to use a customer-provided agreement, or provide our own template. When our template is used, the terms will cover all our services and will vary depending on the customer’s need, such as the length of the temp-to-direct trial period or different direct-placement fees depending on the job category.
  • NewTack has experience recruiting a broad range of candidates from Ph.D. researchers to machine operators and light assembly. Our customers are generally engaged in engineering or scientific fields. We understand product development cycles and the special skillsets needed for each step. We are typically not used to find legal, accounting, or other non-engineering skillsets.